Our story started when we met on the 6th grade lunch court. Shane’s bleach blonde spiky hair and charming personality won over Lauren’s heart. After a surprise trip in college when Shane flew all the way to Oxford, England to surprise Lauren while she was studying abroad, our relationship was sealed. A few years short years after college we tied the knot and since have added two beautiful daughters (and one crazy dog) to our lives.

One of the best parts of wedding photography for us is the process of getting to meet so many amazing couples and be present for the best day of their lives. Every couple’s story is unique and every wedding is special in so many ways. We love all the little details and the big moments on a wedding day and find so much joy in capturing these moments that become physical captured memories for them to look back on and share for years to come.

Shane loves exploring
the mountains,
especially on a
snowboard. He’s
also always on the
hunt for a new
favorite craft beer.
HE loves beer &
the mountains
You can usually find
Lauren working on
some type of new DIY
project. She also
can’t survive without
coffee and fro yo.
She loves crafting &
Frozen Yogurt
We LOVE exploring
the outdoors in our
renovated trailer
“Rose”! She’s already
brought us so many
great memories in the
short time we’ve
owned her.
WE Love the outdoors