Featured Artist: Tayler Hollman from Aisle Planner

We’re excited to share the first of a new series on the blog today – Featured Artist! And, we are kicking it off with our friend Tayler Hollman.

We met Tayler a couple years ago from a mutual friend in the wedding industry and it was shortly after she had started her own creative and marketing business. Lauren and I had been talking about how we needed help with our blog and getting weddings submitted and were excited to start working with her after we met! Fast forward a couple years and she is still a part of our behind the scenes team plus, she has some really cool other projects going on. So, friends…meet Tayler!

Shane and Lauren Photography Interview with Tayler HollmanHow did you get involved in the wedding industry?

Becoming a part of the wedding industry was something I totally fell into. My background is in education and nonprofits (I have a Master’s in Sociology) and I had always wanted to be a community college professor. When that didn’t happen, I rode out my time in the nonprofit world before transitioning to a typical desk job. I quickly realized that was definitely not for me and decided to take a risk and leave without having anything lined up.

After doing that, I took about 6 months to literally spend time doing all of the creative things that made me happy. And, long story short, I took an internship with a local artisan who ended up connecting me with my first client – Isari Flower Studio. Making that connection is the start of my story in the wedding industry and the start of TAYLRD Media and Designs! Plus, my contacts at Isari are what led me to working with you guys! Now, almost all of the project I work on are with wedding industry professionals and I really love it!

Did you ever see yourself doing something like this?  Have you been able to do things you never thought you would?

Nope but I am so glad I am! Like I said, I grew up wanting to be a teacher and am still really passionate about education. That being said, working in marketing and advertising feels like the next best thing since it’s my job to educate people about the amazing work my clients do!

I absolutely have been able to do things I never imagined I would be a part of. Producing photoshoots and getting them published definitely tops the list! I mean, before I was in the industry, I had zero idea of what it took to pull off a photoshoot or how to get it into a magazine or onto a website. It still can feel surreal to see things that I have had my hand in online or in print. But, I also have had the opportunity to really grow in ways that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t doing what I am doing. Between working with amazing graphic designers and fine tuning my own skills to learning how to critically look at photos from you guys, it’s all an adventure.

Tell us about your role at Aisle Planner. What gets you excited about it?  

I started working with Aisle Planner about 2 years ago and now am the Media and Marketing Director there. It’s really small organization so we operate as a all-hands-on-deck team. And, because I run marketing, my sleeves are always rolled up and cranking out advertisements, blog posts, social media posts, designed assets for print and online sharing, accepting submissions, collaborating with partners on content, speaking at different events…I seem like a crazy person now, huh?

What gets me excited is being a part of building something. And, that holds true for all of my clients. I take great pride in the work that I do and the quality of the work that each of them do. It’s that synergy of working together to build a better business (and a better future for themselves) that really gets me jazzed.

Shane and Lauren Photography Interview with Tayler HollmanWhat do you do when you are away from Aisle Planner?

Well, for starters, working with you guys! But, in a professional sense, I am working with a select few on marketing and public relations projects. Personally (like in the off hours), you’ll find me running, cycling, and as of late, probably at a political rally or town hall meeting (such a nerd!).

Where is the most exciting place you have traveled or thing you have done?

The most exciting place I have been to is definitely Cuba! And, I say that because I may or may not have gone before the travel restrictions got lifted.

It really was an amazing trip and I know that you got to experience the same thing. The culture is so beautiful despite simultaneously being so deprived. And, I walked away from that trip realizing that you really don’t need that much to be happy; it brought a lot into focus for me.

What are you most excited for during the rest of the year?

In addition to Aisle Planner, I am working with a lot of people who are on the cusp of some really amazing things. Whether that is growing their businesses or just really maturing, I am so excited to see what this year has to bring for everyone! I really am a lucky person to have the most amazing network of people and the prospect of riding this for the foreseeable future is enough to make me really happy.