Why You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator for Your Wedding

Shane and Lauren Photography Why Your Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

There are a lot of vendors you need to hire for your wedding. There are some wedding vendors that are core to the process – a venue, catering, a florist, and photographer (of course!) – but some of them are more optional since not everyone can afford to rent furniture and fancy flatware. And today, we wanted to talk to you about one of the vendors that people often think is not necessary or out of their budget – the wedding coordinator.

Wedding coordinators or planners bring a lot to the table and working with them has some major benefits. So, whether you hire a month-of coordinator or you can swing bringing on a full service wedding planner, we wanted to share our thoughts about why you should hire a wedding coordinator!

Shane and Lauren Photography Why Your Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Take the Stress Out of Planning

Planning a wedding is usually months of work. And even though we have worked with couples who have successfully planned their own weddings, when it comes to the wedding day itself, couples who decide to work with at least a month-of coordinator usually are less stressed. Why? Because they aren’t having to manage the set up or receiving of goods, making sure all of the vendor invoices are paid in full, distributing tip envelopes, or answering questions from the Catering Manager all night. Couples with a hired professional get to enjoy their wedding day, which leads to happy and relaxed photos!

And from our perspective, wedding coordinators are masters of timelines. Since they know where and when events are playing out, they are a huge help in getting everyone where they need to be and when they need to be there. This helps keep everyone relaxed because no one is rushing or confused. Which often leads to better photos and to more time for photos because you’re not being pulled in a million directions. In the end, this helps us capture genuine smiles and better tell your story through the photos.

Shane and Lauren Photography Why Your Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Make Designing Your Wedding Extra Fun

Another option is to work with a more full-service wedding planner who not only oversees all of the logistics but helps you to design the wedding of your dreams. Most of the time, newly engaged couples have a million ideas running through their heads with little understanding of what things actually cost or how hard it may be to pull something off. Working with a wedding planner can help you create your unique vision, not a hodgepodge of colors and ideas, on budget and stress free.

And, one of the ways that wedding planners really have an impact on the overall experience of your wedding is by knowing what little details you can bring in to help tell your story as a couple. Whether it’s adding some custom or vintage stamps to your invitation envelopes or signature cocktails, wedding planners seem to have endless ideas on how to bring your engagement or love story to life! The bonus for us as photographers, wedding planners help create a powerful visual story through color and details that are exciting to photograph.

We know that it’s totally possible to create the wedding of your dreams on your own but we also know that sometimes it’s a good idea to pull in the pros. Either way, we are always excited to capture our couples’ wedding day stories so that they have those memories for the rest of their lives.

*There are so many incredible wedding coordinators but of course we have some of our personal favorites so if we’ve convinced you of why you should hire a wedding coordinator, we would be HAPPY to pass on some incredible ones!


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