His and Her’s Point of Views

As a photographer, your perspective and how you view things can really influence your images. In fact, it is really the thing that differentiates one photographer from another. And, when couples work with us, they get more than just two photographers to capture their wedding day.

Having both of us photograph an event means that your wedding gets captured from two perspectives. And, because Lauren and I see things from different points of view (his and her’s), we thought it would be fun to actually sit down and talk about the differences between how we shoot and how, in the end, they totally compliment each other.

Shane and Lauren Photography

His image on the left. Her image on the right.

From Her Point of View

When Lauren is behind the camera, she loves to capture the:

  • Details at an event (things like the jewelry, the invitations, and placecards)
  • Little moments that people might not see (when a bridesmaid gets tearing while getting ready, a rare quiet moment of the newlyweds during the reception)
  • Tighter shots (because we all need to see things close up!)

Her image


From His Point of View

When Shane is behind the camera, he loves to capture the:

  • Big shots (that showcase the environment, weather, venue)
  • Emotion (anytime someone laughs or cries, Shane is on it!)
  • Photojournalism shots (the candids from the night that really show the overall feel and excitement)

His image

Because Lauren and I get excited about photographing different things, in the end, the weddings and engagements we shoot are really well and artistically covered. Not only do our couples not have to worry about being rushed or having anything missed (which can sometimes happen with just one photographer), our couples get images that tell the entire story of their wedding day; from the smallest of details to the biggest of pictures!

Shane and Lauren Photography

Her image on the left. His image on the right.