{Misty + Kyley :: 4th of July}

It has only been a month since my last photo shoot of Kyley and it’s crazy to see how much she has changed from our first photo shoot just a couple of months ago.  I was really excited about the location of this shoot because we were headed to Old Poway Park. I first discovered this location last Fall when I did family Christmas photos and it quickly became one of my favorite places to shoot (especially when shooting kids as the trains and train track provide some extra entertainment).

We met 4th of July weekend and to our surprise the park was completely decked out in red, white and blue for the 4th, which just added to the character of the park. There was this huge American flag hanging from the side of the train depot that made an awesome backdrop.

So last time my wife had the fun idea to bring along bubbles for Kyley but we got jipped and realized once we got to the shoot that we had bubbles with no wand, so this time we made sure to have a wand! It was so funny watching the look on Kyley’s face every time she went to grab for a bubble that then popped. She loved the bubbles and it made for some cute photos.