{One Year Anniversary :: Our House}

Happy O N E year House-Aversary!

Ok, I know this sounds cheesy, but yes this is something to be celebrated! One year ago this week we closed on our forever (or at least the foreseeable future) home. Nine years of marriage had led up to this point and its probably good we dove into this project nine vs. two years into our marriage because it has been a freaking hard year to say the least.

Backing up a bit….we bought our first home about a year into our marriage. It was a small 1000 sq ft home in Clairemont, San Diego. It was perfect for us at that time in our lives. Besides putting in new flooring, fresh paint and our own personal touches we didn’t do too much to the home. We loved that home but working from home in a small home with a toddler definitely had its challenges. When Rowyn was 18 months old and we started thinking about the possibility of another child we decided it was probably time to look for something bigger. We knew to get something bigger (that we could afford) we’d have to go north or east in San Diego county. It made sense for us to head north so we told our realtor we were open to anything from Oceanside to Escondido. We had never stepped foot in Vista but one day while we were out looking for houses are realtor took a wrong turn (true story) and we spotted a new community we wanted to see. We’d end up buying our second home there and we were officially Vista residents! In our second home we tried our hand at a few more projects but nothing too crazy. Then about two years ago we bought a fixer upper travel trailer and completely demoed the inside and rebuilt it. (You can check out our adventures on Instagram #roadtrippingwithrose). Our feet were wet with the endless possibilities of making something our own and the seed was planted. We longed to have some land and not be so close to our neighbors. Call us anti-social but we just LOVE nature more than people I guess. After a crazy and very stressful selling and buying process we found a home, nestled on a little more than half an acre in northern Vista and on January 22, 2018 we moved in!!!

We’ve spent the last year completely remodeling our home. Its definitely not done, and the outside needs a lot of work but we thought it would be fun to share some before and after photos of what we’ve done so far! As we were moving in we were simultaneously demoing the house. We lived on air mattresses in our living room while we worked on the bedrooms, it was a crazy time! In addition to the specific rooms you’ll see below; we replaced the flooring throughout the entire house, painted the entire inside, replaced all the baseboards, windows, sliding glass doors, closet doors, added can lighting in all the bedrooms, and solar! We are VERY lucky that Shane is so handy otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to do all of this. He has done literally 95% of the work. The only things he hasn’t done so far is the electrical work, outside concrete work and our kitchen backsplash and countertops. There are things you just leave to the pros!


I left photos of the outside for another post as there is still a lot to do! We have some big plans in the backyard to give the girls more room to play and be outside (one of our biggest reasons for moving here).


The biggest footprint change we’ve made to our home is adding a separate downstairs apartment for Shane’s Dad. When we were shopping for homes we were looking for ones that either already had a granny flat or ones that we could build some type of separate space. We’ve never lived with family before so its been a new experience but its been amazing. Its so cool for our girls to have their Grandpa right downstairs (and I think he likes it too!) The previous owners had set up the downstairs space to one day be a separate apartment with some plumbing and heating that extended through the walls. That being said it was very rough and ended up being a lot more work that we expected.


-Walled off the entry to make the downstairs apartment completely separate. He now has a 900 sq. ft. one bedroom/one bath apartment with a separate outside entry door.

-In his Dad’s apartment we (and he) built a full kitchen, another wall to close in the bedroom, and a million other projects we’d like to forget


Once we walled off the entry we were left with a really large, pretty useless entry way. It wasn’t our original plan to have our office downstairs but after realizing how nice it was to have the office separate from the living space (like we did at our old home) we started brainstorming ideas. The thought of our office in our “entry way” seemed awkward at first, but Pinterest can really help you visualize things maybe you couldn’t otherwise. We searched the crap out of minimilist office space ideas and realized we could make it work. This is one our most recent projects so their is still a lot to finish but its getting there.


-Replaced the front doors to allow all that beautiful light to flow in!

-Created an accent wall for the office out of concrete.

-Created a standing desk with custom storage spaces for our hard drives (there are ugly cords hidden in that wall and behind the computer, its amazing!)

-On the adjacent wall I wanted a collect-all place for backpacks, shoes, etc so we did a board and batten wall (painted white) and Shane built a concrete bench to tie in with the concrete wall on the other side.


-Decorate! Add art and photos!



New flooring, paint, windows and decor made a huge difference in these rooms. In addition, we’ve made some changes to the fireplace by painting the brick white, adding a shiplap top and new mantel. We’d love to still frame in the fireplace bench in concrete and get a new couch more in line with our style.





This is where we’ve spent the bulk of our time and probably money in this remodel. I was designing this kitchen while we were still in escrow and we ordered the cabinets before we closed escrow (not the smartest move in retrospect). Since our space is one open floor plan and the kitchen is the focal point we wanted to go a little on the bolder side in here. One big decision we were excited (but also really scared about) was our blue cabinets. We went back and forth on this but ultimately we went for it and we LOVE them!


-Completely gutted the kitchen down to the studs.

-Replaced the old bay window with a regular window,

-Installed new cabinets (lowers only) to allow for floating shelves (which I love, never going back!).

-Extended the island by an additional foot (wide).

-Added electrical for pendent lights

-Added concrete tile backsplash extended to the ceiling and quartz countertops.



This was a super fun project. Okay, like the last 10% of putting it all together was fun. In our last house the girls bath was pink. It was cute and girly but this time their bath is also our guest bath so that gave me 100% free reign to do what I wanted and I wanted a fun and funky black and white bathroom.


-Gutted it down to the studs

-Removed a lighting box and brought the entire ceiling to the full height

-Shiplapped the bottom half and painted it black!

-Created two separate sinks (saving myself for when the girls are teenagers sharing this bathroom)

-Tiled the floor


-Tile the shower (not pictured). We did replace the tub but we still need to tile the shower. The plan is to do white subway tiles in a crosshatch pattern with black grout. This should (maybe) be done in the next month. My contractor works for free so I don’t complain 🙂

-Decorate! I still don’t know what to put on the walls in here? Black and white photos? Black and white art? I’m at a loss.



This was one of those “little” projects that end up not being so little. The previous owners had done some funky stuff with the heater vents in here.


-Framed in the ugly heater vents.

-Replaced the existing cabinet with an Ikea one we hung.

-Added an Ikea butcher block on top of the washer and dryer to maximize the space.


-We still need to make two hanging (barn style) doors to hide the laundry space.


This was a pretty easy facelift. I repainted the cabinets, added new hardware and added a butcher block top.


We have a three bedroom home so we decided to make one room the playroom and have the girls share a room. We were a little nervous about it when we did it but it might be the best thing we could have done for them. They love it and I love it because we have a designated room for toys (hello a.d.d), and of course I honestly think it make them have a stronger bond, (but really I love one room for all the toys!). Maybe one day they won’t want to share so we’ll cross that bride when we get there but for now its awesome.


Fun Fact- We turned this closet into a beautiful place to hide all…the….toys! We stole part of this closet to make a pantry (on the other side of the wall) and were able to build it to perfectly fit these Ikea dressers we found. After the dressers were assembled and placed inside the existing closet, Shane built a top that extends to the back of the closet so the full top is useful space.





We’ve been eyeing this custom headboard on Pinterest that Shane is going to tackle when he has time. I’d also love to add some sconce lights either on the actual headboard or either side, depending on how big it ends up being. After that, we need to add some art and/or photos to the walls!


If you made it to the end of this monster of a blog post, congrats! You can see why I decided to save the outside projects for another day. Thanks for following along in our house adventures! We learned a ton throughout this process, so if you find yourself in the middle of renovating your home and have any questions, or need recommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask! We learned a lot about “what not to do”, through a lot of trail and error! I’m working on a list of linking to where things are from so check back or just ask!