{Rubie + Ryan :: Engaged}

Rubie and Ryan were up for something a little different for their engagement shoot so we headed to Julian for the afternoon. Julian is a special place for them as they spent a couple of their early dates out there so naturally they were excited go to back there again and I was excited to be able to hang out with them for the afternoon. We had a great time walking the streets of the quaint little town and eventually heading out to a field I saw on the way in and had my mind on the entire shoot! They were up for anything which I love and on top of it Rubie was such a sport, she trekked through the fields in her heels (and even did some minor trespassing for me) all so we could capture the amazing light at the end of the day right before the sun went down.

Rubie and Ryan just got married this month in La Jolla. I’m really excited to be able to share those photos soon!